Losing grip

I walked through the forest with half opened eyes,

Disturbing the creatures around.

My heritage feels like shackles, they’re noisy,

And I know there’s no key to be found.

Suddenly it ended; vegetation is gone,

Simultaneously with our consciousness it stops.

No room left to flourish, we are left alone,

Surrounded by dust balls and rocks.
As I run back to hide between two old trees,

They whispered they’re stories to me.

I turned sad and angry, partly at myself,

On the outcome we all did agree:
Mankind destroyed us! They all sucked us dry,

Unable the roots to grab soil, (we try to hold on)

It slipped through our fingers, disappears with the wind,

Life’s rough since they claimed all the oil. (we try to hold on)
Im loosing grip, we try to hold on

Im loosing grip of my life

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